Really need to blow the dust off this blog!! Much has happened over the past year plus. So much easier to micro blog via Twitter..  Not sure if I have time to do more than one entry a week, but hey let’s see where we go from here!


The morning of the pregnancy blood test!

The morning of the pregnancy blood test! Been up since 4AM! Well actually a couple of times prior in order to sleep walk to the bathroom. I don’t really sleep walk but it sure seems like i’m auto pilot cause I get up go and head back to bed and actually go to sleeep lol (even wash my hands). I think my eyes are open. 

Ok, back up a bit.. been busy since last post regarding fertilization. Of the 7 embryos 3 didn’t make it to freeze and only 4 were of best grades to transfer . Don’t panic!  At my age that number is fine for me, I wont ending up on Oprah’s couch for an interview begging for diapers (lol) or be chased around town by paparazzi competing with Oct-o-Mom.

On Saturday 12/12 we transferred and I went home to relax, pray & chant that these little ones would make themselves at home, and someone would implant in the warm and comfy uterus and decide to stay for a nine month belly ride.

Following retrieval I began progesterone shots (in olive oil), 1ML per night. Olive oil vs sesame oil since during earlier cycles I experienced a horrible allergic reaction. The alternate from side to side has become tender but its all for the most wonderful end result. The other night I experienced a lump at injection sight on left rear side. Which I was told is not uncommon to develop a lump (sometimes big) at the injection site and that Progesterone settles into the muscle and can become quite irritating. A warm compress after the injections and massaging the area for a few minutes, should helps to spread the oil. I did this along with warmed up the oil to thin a little before last nights injection. Did I mention that I ice the injection areas for at least 20 – 30 minutes so I don’t feel the needle!? Even during for the stimulation shots pre-retrieval. Oh yes no ice, NO shot!

Appx 11 days have passed and here we go back where I’ve been before.. The morning of the pregnancy blood test! 8am.. and then the painful wait all day to confirm positive or negative! Yeah I can pea on the stick but I rather wait and have a more accurate result. Though trust Me if I had a home PT kit I probably would have tested already. But what if it were wrong? It would just add to the slight anxiety I am already experiencing. So I will be patient.

Check back.. Staying optimistic! Enjoy the day.


Just received call from one of the embryologist a short while ago.. SEVEN fertilized! So pending what happens over night with the little guys (embryos) will determine whether transfer occurs tomorrow or Tuesday if all are “beautiful” tomorrow and they need to wait couple more days to select best embryos. Wow.. SMILING & keeping positive!

Ok getting ready to go to dentist appt this afternoon to get it out of the way since rescheduled from tomorrow.

Check back while I continue to get the rhythm of blogging.. Have a nice weekend.


Okay I know I said (like in last post),  I was “jumping in” and I need to catch you guys up to how I got here but bare with Me a little longer and I PROMISE I will take you back to recap and bring you forward to the present (pinky swear).

ELEVEN was the lucky number of the day! “Eleven eggs” retrieved per the embryologist who poked her head into the recovery room. Yup one shy a carton but still a pleasing number to Me. Today was retrieval for my 2nd IVF cycle with my NEW doctor and his team of specialists. A really good feeling came over Me, one of hope and excitement. With my designated driver and support for the day I picked up a nice lunch and retreated home to rest and anxiously wait for tomorrows call to see how many actually fertalized in order to transfer this weekend. Wow. Can’t wait to bring you up to date! Think I will start a Twitter page tomorrow too..

Jumping in..

Ok so bare with Me as I jump in and release the words for my 1st blog entry and 1st via BlackBerry. I’ve been procrastinating for quite some time now regarding whether to blog about my journey filled with butterflies to Motherhood or not!? After an unbelievable year, I think its time! Too much to get off my chest and too much to share with others (Thanks for the encouragement C!). As I get familiar with this new platform, I hope you will stick with Me, be open minded, interract and understand that often my vocabulary may become colorful as I always try to be true to myself, others and keep it real. Peace to you!